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What do you see?

   For my first rant I thought I'd describe just what's behind the name of this journal.  The Rorschach test is more commonly known as the ink blot test by the general populace, and in it lies my entire view on what psychology actually is.  It's only my first year, true and I know I still don't know a fraction of all the theories out there but that single test always intrigued me.  I was so fascinated by the nothing that a smear on a piece of paper could reveal so much about the intricate workings of the human psyche.  What you see is not what I see and vice versa, and that single fact is so fundamental to all human interactions.

   Think about it.  How long do you spend everyday trying to figure out other people's opinions on one issue or another, even ourselves?  Perception and worrying about perception stretches to effect every area of our lives.  Failing the Rorschach, though not a concrete possibility represents a failure to perceive our world in a constructive way.  It's a rejection of playing that social game of guess and no.  
     As a clinical psychologist in the making, I see myself as engaged as personal referee.  Trying to objectively judge and view the game play of individuals without getting caught up in them myself.  Not that I'm saying that I'm beyond the parameters of this activity, am an arrogant bastard that can see through EVERYTHING, or a psychopath.

Okay that's enough rambling for now...don't worry I'll sound relevant eventually.  Promise.
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