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  I'm going to sound stupid and petty for a moment if I may.  I lost my ring today.  No it may not sound like much, but it actually made me ball and go to work with the obviously puffy eyes look.  I loved that ring.  It was the first ebay bid me and my best friend ever one, it was my good luck charm when I went job hunting last year, and it was a symbol of my fandom too, that I proudly displayed.  It was a lot more than that too.

    I wore that thing constantly no matter what the situation.  It honestly NEVER left my thumb.  I know it was just an object but for me it was a little chunk of my past.  The good times before the hell of first year, the bout of depression, and the near suicidal spurts of negativity.  Every time I looked at it, it was a reminder of the things I really enjoy.  It made me feel different, like who I wanted to be, and who I hoped I was.  Now that it's gone, I've lost a piece of my identity.  

    That's all of the blathering I'm up for tonight.  If you need me, I'll be sobbing over my lost hunk of metal.  Pathetic isn't it?
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